CSC – Sisters

The Community of the Sisters of the Church is an international community of lay and ordained women. The Community was founded in England by Emily Ayckbown in 1870 and now has Sisters in Australia, Canada, Solomon Islands and United Kingdom.

The Community’s patrons, Michael and the Angels, point the Sisters to a life of worship and active ministry.

The Sisters in the Australia Province reside in three locations: Kempsey and Sydney in NSW, and Melbourne in Victoria. One Sister in Sydney and one Sister in Melbourne are in Aged Care Facilities.  At present, the Mother Superior, who is also the Australia Provincial, usually lives in Kempsey.

In Kempsey, the Sisters live together in a small house on an acre of land on the outskirts of the town.

The Sisters are involved in the life of the parish. One Sister is on the parish ministry team as a licensed lay minister. She conducts some Sunday Services, funerals, preaches and takes communion to people unable to attend regular church services and produces leaflets on contextual issues. Another Sister visits in a local Aged Care Facility.

Of the two Sisters who are ordained priests, one is the Vicar of a parish in Melbourne Diocese and the other ministers in Grafton and Melbourne Dioceses and within the Community.

The Sisters endeavour to express their ministry in a way that is relevant to contemporary Australian society and culture.


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